Table transformation

Here’s my latest project in progress–the transformation of a $20 Craig’s List find into a table for the Provence room downstairs. I was looking for something that had a little rustic style (not just straight legs) and that wasn’t too large. This table fit the bill, so now I’ve started “Frenchifying” it a bit.

My husband is sanding the top, which I will stain in a medium pine, and I’m painting the legs and skirt a pretty blue.

2014-08-03 02.08.38

This is the first time I’ve mixed my own chalk paint, and I have to tell you it worked beautifully. So much less expensive than buying it. I found the color I wanted in a more expensive paint, then had it mixed to match that color swatch in a cheaper latex paint. I mixed the chalk paint at a ratio of 3 parts paint to 1 part plaster of Paris. It went on very smoothly and covered completely in one coat. I love it!

2014-08-03 01.45.04

When I finish staining the top, I’ll paint the skirt blue, use dark wax on the painted sections, and lightly poly the table top. I’ll show you the completed project in a future post.

And  just for fun–here’s the latest evolution of the wildflower garden! The larkspur and blanket flowers are just beginning to kick in right now,

2014-08-01 01.04.39


2 thoughts on “Table transformation

  1. I’ve seen “recipes” for making chalk paint but have never heard of anyone’s actual experience with DIY chalk paint. It’s good to know you’re happy with the results.

    I also want to ask about your wildflower garden. How did you get it started, by seed or individual plants? Either way, it’s beautiful!

    • I started the garden with seeds–Colorado wildflower seeds I bought on our last vacation there. A biggish packet. I knew what the mix contained because I’ve grown them before at another house. Next year the lupine, blanket flowers, and black eyed susans will come back for sure, but I’m also hoping the poppies, calendula, coneflowers, coreopsis, larkspur, bachelor buttons and everything else reseeds itself a bit. Just in case, at the end of this season I bought packets of all those flowers on sale to reseed next spring. This fall I will cut everything down nearly to the ground and scatter seeds from the stalks.High hopes!

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