The wonder of white wax

A few months ago I found a perfect coffee table for our upper living area on Craig’s list–it had French lines and it was blonde. But it wasn’t “pickled” like the rest of the big pieces in that space. It looked OK, but I really wanted to lighten it up a bit. Then a couple of weeks ago I ran across (on Pinterest of course) Miss Mustard Seed’s white wax. I’ve done clear and dark wax projects, but I had never tried white. I love it! It worked so well and it went so quickly.

Here’s the furniture that I was trying to match.

2014-07-26 22.40.45


Here’s the waxing in progress–I hadn’t wiped it off yet at this stage.

2014-07-26 22.40.28

And here’s the final product! Exactly what I had in mind.

2014-07-29 06.37.01


One thought on “The wonder of white wax

  1. I wasn’t aware of this white wax Gayle. It is pure magic. This has to be in my work box for furniture refinishing. Absolutely brilliant. You have a gorgeous table. Virginia

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