Twist and Shout

I can’t help reveling in my garden as the blooms come on.

Last year, when we planted some largish bushes right after we moved in–lilacs, hydrangeas, berries–we sought the advice of a friend who runs a garden/landscape design business. She insisted I get Twist and Shout lace cap hydrangeas–even though I really wanted Endless Summer. I’m so glad I followed her advice, which was partially based on better tolerance to our harsh winters. They had a slow start this spring, but are just entering their peak blooming stage. And finally, the barrel of delphiniums I planted are blooming–sadly the pink snapdragons at their base are between blooms, but my plans often go awry. The last photo shows the wonderful blue-edged purple variety that’s my favorite. I ended up with purple this year instead of blue because that’s all they had at the Farmer’s Market. Once these are done blooming in the barrels, I will transplant them into the wildflower garden. But who knows if they will make it through our winters–few have done in the past. One must try!

2014-07-19 08.10.36

2014-07-19 08.11.02

2014-07-22 01.39.58

2014-07-22 01.40.09


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