The Provence Room

As I’ve said, I had big dreams about decorating this house when we bought it. One of them was making the lower enclosed porch into “little Provence.” The walls in the room are rustic wood, with windows on two sides and a sliding door to the lower level on one wall. It’s been 8 months since we moved in and I’ve reconsidered a lot of my plans, but that goal has never faded. I started assembling pieces of it before we even moved in–a wonderful wicker chaise lounge, and some lovely cedar slatted folding chairs. My plan was to have a table and chairs, the chaise, and a wicker trunk as the main pieces. I got some wonderful red/yellow Provencal fabric at this year’s Textile Garage Sale, so that’s going to be the cushion cover for the wicker chaise. The pine table I have yet to find. I’ll use a blue and yellow Provencal tablecloth on the table–I want the colors to be very bright because the room is a tad dark.

The best news is that I finally found a place for my husband’s beloved (and old) cubby cabinet. It’s the first piece of the room I’ve finished. The color is perfect for Provence. He brought it with him long ago from Massachusetts, but it’s been in storage for a dozen years. Now it’s  filled it with treasures from my travels, from friends, and–of course, from thrift stores. Each bibelot has fond memories attached and I love to look at them all–my personal cabinet of curiosities. (I got the Lavender sign at a thrift store.)

2014-07-19 05.52.33

Some of my favorite souvenirs are the small terra cotta santons I got in Provence years ago. They charm me today just as much as they did then. Last time I was in Paris I sought them out but the prices were ridiculous. Maybe they’re that high in Provence these days, too.

2014-07-19 05.53.082014-07-19 05.52.552014-07-19 05.52.472014-07-20 23.14.51

I’ll give updates as this room comes together!


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