Bliss Lights

Here’s a story for you. We rented a house in Cape Cod for late June. One week before, my husband–who is never sick–got a cold. He had time to recuperate, but then he gave it to me and when our departure date came, I was too miserable to go. At great expense, we changed my reservation to a later date and he went on ahead.

But a plot twist–the night before I was supposed to fly out to join him the torrential rains came that put Minneapolis on the national news, and I discovered to my horror that our sump pump wasn’t working (although the house inspector said it was in great shape–ha) and water was starting to come in the basement. Naturally, plumbers and sump pump repair people were inundated with calls that night, and were practically hysterical when I called them for service. I called 6 firms before I got one that would come out and at midnight he said our sump pump would have to be completely replaced. By 2 am the new pump was working but it was still pouring rain and the water had already built up to such a level that it was still coming in. So I spent the next few days buying a wet vac and sucking up water so it wouldn’t spread to the carpeted part of the basement, which it didn’t. I must have wrung out towels 200 times and washed 20 loads of them. And I never set foot in Chatham…sigh.

When my husband came home (his trip was tainted by my trials, but he still had a good time), he secretly ordered something that he’d experienced while sitting on the deck at a friend’s house in Cape Cod. When the box arrived he told me it was a pair of shoes, but just before I went to bed that night he called me out into the sunroom to look at something. There were fantastic fairy lights in all our trees in the back yard. I couldn’t quite grasp it–at first I asked him if they were fireflies–because they were everywhere, even high up where you could never string lights. But he said no. I was in awe, it was so beautiful. Then he told me they were “bliss lights”–a laser stake that you put in the ground and aim somewhere and millions of little lights are projected onto every surface. Maybe you already know about these, but I had never seen anything like it. Here are a couple of photos from the bliss lights website. They come in red, blue, and green (we got green).


Bliss 2

They are so lovely that we now go to sleep with the shades up so we can look at them while we drop off. And we’re considering buying blue for winter. Not exactly equal  to a trip to the seaside but a wonderful surprise.



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