Deck make-over

When we bought this place, I knew the deck off the sunroom would require some TLC. It looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in 10 years. Last week, we finally got to the place on our “to-do” list where we tackled it. My husband power washed and I waterproofed. I’m pleased with the results. This was pretty much my vision for it. I have a couple of Jasmine plants I may move up here but I don’t want to get it too crowded.

Here’s a before and after of the waterproofing I did. Before we powerwashed it, the wood was nearly black.

2014-07-16 03.40.43

And here’s how it looks now. Lots of DIY work but very rewarding!

2014-07-19 02.10.12

The two benches are pine, so I waterproofed them too. Found a person on Craig’s List who makes these for $25 each–they’re just great. And of course you’ll recognize my weathered wine box planters. We’ve harvested all the lettuce (it was so good) and now I just put green onions in those two planters. Herbs are in the middle box.


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