Make our garden grow

I’m really enjoying the garden as it matures. It never blooms all at once, but sneaks up on you–a pale yellow lily opens one morning, a candelabra of pink snapdragons pops, the lavender swells on the stalk. It’s like the undulations of music. One section shines while another section fades or comes on slowly.

Here’s the new wildflower garden–the early flowers are starting, but the daisies, cosmos, etc. are taking longer.

2014-07-07 23.20.51

Note the mushrooms growing at the base of the barrel. An indication of how much rain we’ve received over the past few weeks. This is part of my pink/purple color scheme this year. I love heliotrope!

2014-07-07 23.22.32

And here’s a little duet in white and blue. The petunias were taking over so I just cut them back.

2014-07-07 23.23.45

And the Twist and Shout hydrangeas are finally kicking in.

2014-07-07 23.23.09

The new astilbe patch peaked last week, so it’s in decline now. Two of these were on the property, two I bought from my old  house, and the rest were gifts from a neighbor. Really useful shade plants. I like their “floaty” fernlike foliage.

2014-07-07 23.24.37

Keeping with the music metaphor, here’s one of my favorite pieces of musical theater–Make our garden grow from Candide. It’s full of all the disappointment, hope, longing, and resolve that goes with being a gardener in a hard climate!


One thought on “Make our garden grow

  1. A candelabra of snapdragons! What a gorgeous word picture. It is interesting comparing gardening photographs. And again all the wonderful descriptions are so perfect!

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