Our neighbors

Besides having wonderful human neighbors, we have marvelous animal and insect neighbors. The peonies, roses, and many other flowers right now are virtually covered in small but spectacular bright blue dragon flies. These two photos are not color adjusted–and when you get scores of them on one plant it’s truly art.

2014-06-12 23.00.32 2014-06-12 23.01.59

And a day wouldn’t be complete without visits from the green (odd creatures to be sure, seem designed by Edward Gorey) and blue herons, and the egrets. I never get tired of watching their ballet.

2014-06-01 20.27.18

The grass here is as green as Ireland (makes your eyes hurt) but please–have pity on us, rain gods! Enough already–so much flooding in Minnesota. We’ve just had downed limbs here, but another storm is on the way tonight.

While it rains I’ve been laying out a new necklace. Inspired by all those imperial portraits of queens.

2014-06-17 03.15.05


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