Two days ago it was 39 degrees in northern Minnesota. This Wednesday, we will hit 90.  We have become a state of such extremes. As a reminder, here’s a photo of the terrace from mid-April this year, and a photo from 7 weeks later. Our spring’s get wetter and colder every year, and the gardening season gets shorter.

2014-04-16 21.17.322014-06-13 01.50.54

Other news, there’s a Wood Duck mom on the lake with 22 tiny ducklings in tow. I don’t know how she does it. The Merganser family–mom and 6 ducklings were huddled in a wet but very cute pile on the end of our dock this morning in the rain. But there is no cuteness factor when it comes to goslings (except perhaps Ryan)–you can really see their prehistoric origins. They look like very awkward, small winged ostriches, with a little Allosaurus thrown in.

Oh, and I saw my first two butterflies yesterday–yellow swallowtails. So glad to see them. But the bees are still few and far between.


One thought on “Minnesota

  1. Interesting comment about the bees Gayle. I know there is great concern about the loss of bees globally. That’s why I was thrilled to pieces to see literally hundreds of bees plundering my oriental poppies.l This year I have the most spectacular showing ever – masses and masses of blooms. The air actually hummed with the sound of the bees. Later I discovered the cranberry farmer down the way had set up a couple of dozen bee hives. I’m happy my flowers were helping him.

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