It was really cold and blustery today, which is sad because the peonies just started blooming.  The white ones are already blown to one side, so of course I had to pick some! I’ve got three colors, but the pale pinks are my favorites.

2014-06-12 05.10.54

2014-06-12 05.11.32

2014-06-12 05.11.52

My vision for the entryway–pink roses and lavender clematis–is just on the verge of reality! Here’s the first rose. I planted both of these here last fall. My mother gave me the tall iron fence.

2014-06-12 05.13.16

And here’s one more shot near the front door…Siberian Iris, Salvia, Rudbeckia, and some ornamental grass.

2014-06-12 05.10.15 The big swath of Colorado wildflowers I planted to one side of the driveway is coming on–too many tiny plants to recognize all of them, but I see lots of lupine, daisies, and bachelor buttons. I don’t think they will be at their best until August.  You know, I vowed not to garden a lot here–mainly because of all the accursed suburban river rocks previous owners landscaped with. I’ve discovered with some of the plantings that they just piled soil on top of 5 inches of rocks! We’ve already removed about 30 wheelbarrows of rocks (given to a neighbor) to make room for the wildflowers. But spring comes–and it’s very hard to resist the call of the flowers. I’ve bought everything I needed for this year, which was 1/10 of what I usually buy–so that’s going in the right direction! It’s just so much fun to see things grow.


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