Fresh blooms!

At last! Signs of life in the garden.

2014-05-22 00.55.34

This is a little side garden off the upper patio that I’ve loaded with FREE bleeding hearts from a generous neighbor.  I’ve also added lupines, jack in the pulpit, and lots of white, purple, and bi-color violets to the mix of hostas and day lilies that were already planted here when we bought the house. The cement rabbits were a long-ago gift from my mom and fellow lifetime gardener, and the bronze lady is from my husband’s late mother’s yard. I love having little pieces of history scattered through our house and garden. Reminders of so much kindness we’ve seen in our lives.

Here are some of the plants that have just started in the tiered wildflower garden on the other side of the yard..violets, Virginia Bluebells, and Trillia I brought from my last garden. This is the first year the yellow trillium has bloomed! I have patiently nursed most of my Trillia from babyhood for several years, so this is a nice reward. (Despite some varmit gnawing on its leaves.) These are all in a shady area so they have taken forever to start blooming. I’m thrilled that all four maidenhair ferns (gifts from one of my husband’s dear friends) made it too!

2014-05-22 00.56.112014-05-22 00.56.492014-05-25 22.11.372014-05-25 22.11.072014-05-25 22.11.01

Just above this shady garden is where I’ve put my $30 Craig’s list fountain! What a buy. I love the sound its makes…very tranquilizing.

2014-05-25 22.12.07

And here are my three wine boxes planted with herbs, lettuce, and onion sets. These will eventually sit on a bench on the deck for easy access from the kitchen. But that has to wait until we powerwash the deck, and that has to wait until the giant cottonwood tree releases its blizzard of fuzz on everything. One thing at a time…

2014-05-25 22.12.272014-05-25 22.10.04

Also this week, I think I finished off the sunroom decor with a rattan tea cart, again from Craig’s list. I just finished painting it white to match the other furniture. It’s just what we needed. A coupe of other projects came to fruition too. I’ll take photos soon.

Hope you are having a fine Memorial Day enjoying loved ones and the outdoors!


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