Bit by bit

We’ve been here six months now and I tell you, it’s coming together very slowly. I wish I could click my heels and have everything the way I want it–but I’m trying to find joy in the little steps forward. For example…

Lots of yard work got done last weekend, and FINALLY–we got all the (millions and millions) rocks removed, added soil, and sowed the wildflower seeds we got  in Colorado last year. I can hardly wait! I’ll be sure to include an “after” picture from August in this blog. You can see the small lilacs we planted last fall behind this swath. There’s still so much to do in the yard, but we’re chipping away at it while the weather is decent.

2014-05-04 06.37.55

Also slowly coming together is my massive sale this weekend–geez, it took us a day to cart all the stuff up from the lower level to the garage. I can see I have too much for one day, so I’m doing it Friday and Saturday. Who knows if anyone will come to the suburbs for a sale. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I just hope it doesn’t rain because I want to get this over with. Passing these treasures on to new owners would be such a relief. (This photo represents a tiny fraction of what’s out there. How did I collect all these things???)

2014-05-01 00.10.46

We’re making some modest progress inside the house, too. We found a great new coffee table for the upper level on Craigslist that really opens up the room, which is small. I just need to lighten it up a bit with some chalk paint to match the other pickled furniture. (Yes, ANOTHER project.)

2014-05-05 05.35.11

Lastly, I got my last needlepoint framed and hung in the kitchen.

2014-05-04 02.44.40

I feel like an inch worm, but at least we’re moving forward!


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