Rain, rain, rain

They say one of the side effects of global warming is that the jet stream gets stuck in patterns for long periods of time. We’ve just lived through a winter (is it really over yet?) that proves that, and it seems we may have entered a similar “spring.” It has poured here for two days and nights and we are in for three more days of it. We’re getting 2″ a day and yards are being replaced by ponds–just too much water for the earth to absorb this quickly after all the snow melt. The water level on the lake is so high our neighbor’s paddleboat got washed out to the middle of the lake yesterday and sank!

We did get some yard work done just before this deluge started,  and that included finally removing enough rocks and adding good soil to create a wildflower swath right in front of the lilacs I planted last fall. I can’t plant the wildflower seeds yet because temperatures are very low here again (small favors–at least they’re high enough for this not to be snow). But here’s my stash. When we were in Aspen last fall, as usual, I bought a packet of their fantastic Colorado wildflower seeds. I’ve had such good luck with these in the past and I’ve bought a few extra packets to add to the mix…as well as blue morning glories for the trellis by the front door. I’m really hoping to get some perennial lupine going from this seed mix. From the packets I planted at the old house I had lots of lupines come back and the final year I had several with more than 20 spikes.

2014-04-27 00.54.27

One other sign of spring is the flurry of bright yellow goldfinches and rosy house finches around our feeders. Sometimes there are about 15 in the yard at once–clustered like little ornaments. Here’s a terrible shot of one at the feeder so you can at least see how bright they are.

2014-04-27 01.12.29


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