Henri and Linguine Nero

Yesterday was unusual for us. We took  in the Matisse exhibit at the art institute and then went out to dinner at a new Italian restaurant. A real date! Great fun.

I always learn so much at exhibitions–the lives and evolution of artists fascinate me. I’ve always liked Matisse but I really didn’t understand the critical position he occupied in the modern art movement. Even Picasso, supreme egoist, said: “In the end, there is only Matisse.” I snapped some of my favorites, which seemed to be part of his odalisque period in the 20s. I think Henri and I share many similar tastes–the complex, ornate patterns of Islamic art, Chinosierie, bold colors, and African art. This exhibition was part of a large collection from two sisters in Baltimore who were friends with Gertrude Stein and purchased Matisse’s work for 40 years. Luckily, they left it all to the Baltimore Art Museum. Here’s a peek at his work…and him!

2014-04-22 15.42.232014-04-22 15.42.332014-04-22 15.45.122014-04-22 15.49.09

2014-04-22 15.50.352014-04-22 16.02.45 HDR

As for the dinner, it was a nice surprise. We’ve had this gift certificate for two years and have never gotten around to using it.  We enjoyed a tasty linguine nero with sardine,  bucatini all’amartriciana, and some delicious bruschetta–olives, cannellini beans, asparagus, etc. A smallish place, but a lovely ambience. Here’s to more date nights!


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