Looking forward to lilacs

I’m jumping the gun but it’s nearly 60 out today and the snow is going fast. The three lilac bushes that I planted here last year are finally visible and it looks like they made it!

In honor of their tenacity, here are some of my favorite varieties of these beautiful bushes. Lilacs rank right up there with hydrangeas, delphiniums, hyacinths, heliotrope, foxglove, lupine, hollyhocks, azaleas, and lilies–all among my favorite flowers. I was sad to leave my President Grevy bush at the old house last year. It was just coming into its own after being damaged by tree trimmers a few years ago. The flower clusters were out of this world, very dense, large spikes with lovely coloration.

Enjoy! Not long now before we can inhale their perfume.

lilacs_Ludwig_Spaeth Ludwig Spaeth

lilacs_Little_Boy_BlueLittle Boy Blue

lilacs_Kras._MoskvyBeauty of Moscow

lilacs_President_GrevyPresident Grevy

lilacs_Souvenir_D_Mme_Louis_GielisSouvenir D’Mme. Louis Gielis

lilacs_Wedgewood_BlueWedgewood Blue  (This is one of the new bushes I planted here)



One thought on “Looking forward to lilacs

  1. There is nothing more wonderful than the fragrance of lilacs. Lilacs grow here on the West Coast, BUT they do not have the fragrance of the prairie lilacs. All show but very little fragrance.

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