More indoor time!

This is what has just hit us—10″ of snow are expected overnight and into tomorrow.

2014-04-03 07.56.09

Ah well…we were warned by the hysterical but sadly accurate (at least this time) weather prognosticators, so we got all our errand running done today. I’m spending my time rephotographing my jewelry. I’ve never been happy with the utilitarian approach I’ve been using, so I’m working with picmonkey and doing more staging and I’m liking the results. Photography is so important these days–especially on Etsy–and picmonkey offers a wide range of cool manipulations, as long as you’ve got a pretty good photo to start with. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

Old style

2014-03-03 04.49.37

New style–go for the juicy intricate details first.

Ancient garden close

Here’s another example.

2014-02-19 23.54.06

Mary Stuart


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