Cushions, thrifting, and spring!

I’m all over the place today, as you can see. I’m thrilled to have completed another set of cushion covers for the wicker chair that I “aged” with grey paint a few months ago.

2014-03-23 07.38.36

I also wanted to share a few recent thrifting finds, from that 50% off President’s Day sale. Three more international dolls, two from Austria (Vaud) and one from who knows where but I love her. Also a little Mozart bust and a great tiara! (I’m sure I’ll be wearing that a lot around the house.)

2014-03-23 22.42.15

2014-03-23 22.42.37

And although it’s snowing here right now, I’m trying to add a little spring color to the white bedroom. I found these flowered eggs at the thrift store and am using the santos crowns I created a while back as stands for them. I also added a bouquet of the coffee filter roses I made last year in a thrifted Italian vase. It’s a beginning at least…

2014-03-23 07.38.59

2014-03-23 07.39.18


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