Remember these?

Last year I worked on a series of small faux Sevres snuff  boxes. I finally got around to adding the vintage rosary chains that I always envisioned them suspended on. I’ve got several of these to finish.

2014-03-22 22.33.042014-03-22 22.35.32

I don’t know how it is where you are, but we’re still 30 degrees below normal temperatures here. Brrr! So, I’m keeping busy indoors while spring makes up its mind.  Last night I finished one more set of cushion covers…which I’ll show in my next post. That leaves only four small seat covers and a chaise pad cover to go. Progress!

As I work at my sewing machine, my geraniums from last fall inspire me…along with all the bulbs I forced this year and will place in the garden if the ground thaws before July. I pity all those Minnesota lasses who planned June weddings–they will need Uggs and down jackets.

2014-03-22 06.26.15


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