Meet Heliotrope

This is one of my new favorites…Heliotrope. The colors are magical, but this photo doesn’t capture them very well. Those dangling crystals are deep blue-purple.

I’ve just started a series of necklaces based on my favorite flowers–many of which are purple! Next I’m working on Hydrangea (pale blues, lavenders, greys) and Hyacinth (deep purple). Then waterlilies (opalescent).

2014-03-10 09.44.34

In other news, I’m continuing with the Farragoz patina course I’m taking online. The second project was an old French clock face–here it is finished, but I have yet to distress it. Which is the most fun part! Layers and layers of stain and gesso both of which I make from scratch.

2014-03-08 04.49.56


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