Ancient Garden and Royal Badges

Still at it! My latest necklace, Ancient Garden, features gorgeous cloudy pale pale aqua faceted quartz, vintage rosary beads, and blue/pink art glass beads, with a vintage jewel encrusted pendant. Soon in my Etsy shop.

2014-03-03 04.51.24

Also a peek at a work in progress. I’ve always been in love with those beribboned ceremonial badges that royalty wears on gowns, so I decided to create a few myself! Here are the three that are nearly done. I have yet to shorten and finish the ends of the ribbons but that’s all. The maroon one is Queen Victoria and the other two are Queen Elizabeth the first. These incorporate lots of my vintage findings and three antique military buttons I picked up years ago in London. Also soon in my Etsy shop.

2014-03-05 08.52.222014-03-05 08.53.022014-03-05 08.53.142014-03-05 08.53.29

Let me know if you like these! I just make what I like and I never know whether they’re going to appeal to anyone else.


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