A wonderful day

Sometimes, good things just sneak up on you. After a very long winter where so many plans had to be curtailed because of horrible weather, after an expensive bout with frozen pipes and ice dams…today was such a nice surprise. It’s nothing huge, like winning the lottery, it’s just a string of small things that have made me so happy.

1. I got a long letter from a high school friend I haven’t had contact with for decades. It made my day to hear from her, and reminded me to hold friends far and near, old and new, close to my heart. They are life’s treasures.

2. I went to a store today for biscotti and came home with a garden! They had a  sale on long-stemmed roses–9 for $4! They were just gorgeous. Come to find out, these roses were grown for Valentine’s Day but bloomed too late. This sale happens every year. It is so bleak and white out, I bought a bunch of bright pink ones, plus small pots of pink tulips and some more daffodils ($2.50 each—how could I say no?).

2014-02-28 05.21.58

3. When I came home I told my husband about the rose sale and how I wished I’d also bought a bunch of lavender roses…and when he came home later from some errands, he had them in his hand!

2014-02-28 05.22.30

4. That’s not all he had in his hand–he had a King Cake for Mardi Gras! We are long-time Zydeco dancers and we went to a big Mardi Gras dance at a ballroom about two weeks ago (it was jammed with people and so much fun) and we may go to another next Tuesday. We love New Orleans (did I mention the food), so tonight we will pile on our beads and eat King Cake.

2014-02-28 05.22.06

5. Up in our bedroom, my final hyacinths and another pot of small daffodils are brightening our day!

2014-02-28 05.23.22

Ah, flower power. Is that spring I smell? Hope some wonderfulness found you today, too…


One thought on “A wonderful day

  1. Gayle, my dear girl, you had my kind of day. It’s these kind of events that make me smile, and smile, and smile. The crowning touch … lavender roses from your husband. XX Virginia

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