More necklaces!

Wow, this is fun. Three more done–these two purple ones are called Alexandra and Anastasia.

2014-02-21 09.10.31

And this one is Prudence.

2014-02-22 01.07.53

The one I’m working on now is for spring/summer and it’s utterly outrageous. But I can’t help myself…

Did I mention we had a foot more of snow? Our snowblower malfunctioned so we were out at 11 pm two nights ago shoveling very heavy, wet snow. Strangely, it was beautiful and exhilarating. But we’re heading for -17 again next week. I keep wondering how any pioneer ever survived Minnesota winters. Talk about courage.


4 thoughts on “More necklaces!

  1. I can’t tell where Alexandra ends and Anastasia begins but they’re gorgeous together. Prudence is also exquisite. I don’t think you need to worry if anyone other than you will love them. I absolutely love them all!

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