Back at the jewelry bench

I don’t exactly know what happened, but I’m back making one of a kind statement necklaces using vintage findings.

This was my passion for several years (thus my Etsy shop under the name gemnorde), but when we started this house move two years ago I had to pack everything away. Now that I’ve seen all the boxes of beads and filigree and chains again, I guess I just got inspired. I tell you it’s addictive. I could easily stay up all night making these…I lose all sense of time.

Here are my first two, the long one with blue stones is called Mary Stuart, and the shorter one is simply Noir. I like making pairs of necklaces. I’m working now with two “Radiant Orchid”/purple ones that remind me of Czarist Russia. I’ll put them up here when they’re done. These will all be for sale in my Etsy shop soon!

2014-02-19 23.52.18


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