Craft corner

I’m fascinated with the evolution of “craft rooms” and people’s endlessly creative ideas for storing supplies. I can’t imagine having the luxury of a whole room devoted to crafts, but I have been trying to keep my crafting corner and supplies more organized in this house than they were in our last. Helping me do that are a nice sized pine table I got on Craig’s list for very little, which gives me room at the back to store things like my handyman chest of rhinestones, vintage bottles, my mannequin, etc.,and room at the front to work. Also a great buy, a nifty and very reasonably priced metal cart from Ikea that I’m using to store my paints in a way I can actually find the color I want. So far so good.

2014-02-15 03.29.212014-02-15 03.29.33

This is not to say that craft materials aren’t scattered all over the house…knitting in the living room, sewing and painting on the lower level. The fact that this house is smaller keeps me honest. I can’t buy tons of supplies for future projects until I use the supplies I have–just no room.

Oh, and here’s one of my latest undertakings–looking forward to next Christmas when I may have a sale booth at an art fair here. I’m making some stuffed vintage European Christmas figures with red ticking backs/bottoms. They’re about 8″ high. Here’s the first batch. They’re OK but I’m going to experiment a little. I’ll put dried peas or beans in their bottoms so they stand up easily.

2014-02-15 04.11.33



3 thoughts on “Craft corner

  1. I do have a dedicated craft/sewing room . I call it My Atelier, Gayle. However I am constantly reorganizing it .. then forgetting where I filed certain papers… or tucked away my button collection. It makes for an interesting hour or so while I root around and get started on a project. XX Virginia

  2. Your craft area is looking good! I have a question about the stuffed vintage European Christmas figures. Did you print the images on fabric yourself or were the images already printed on the fabric when you bought it? Thanks!

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