French thrifting in your hometown?

Yes, I might have thought it impossible too–were it not for the past couple of years and the treasures I’ve found. Local thrift stores may not give you anything like the Paris Flea Market experience, but they can yield some wonderful pieces that reflect the popular French influence in so much of today’s decor.

Here’s proof. These are from thrift shelves in the Twin Cities.

An authentic French mustard jar that I’ve seen go on Ebay for $60! I paid $2. Also, two French cider bottles.

2014-02-06 00.44.26

A couple of demijohns (believe it or not)

2014-02-06 00.41.27

A Gien vase from the 90s. (Gien is a high end French ceramics producer. )

faience 002

A blue hand-painted glass bottle that may not be from France but certainly looks it

2014-02-01 08.48.52

A Marie Antoinette jointed ceramic doll

2014-02-06 00.45.51

I’ve also gotten French -looking madonnas, beautiful black and pearl vintage rosaries, faience canisters, French books, and antique lace locally at thrift stores. So, if you can’t get to Marche aux Puces–don’t fret!

One last note on the French theme–tonight my husband made a terrific sausage/chicken cassoulet in the slow cooker. You can see it’s already half gone! So mouth wateringly good on a cold night that I wanted to share the recipe. Here it is.

2014-02-06 07.02.44


One thought on “French thrifting in your hometown?

  1. Don’t you just love it Gayle when you find something “French” in a thrift shop. I found a partial set of dishes from Provence. I saw the dinner plates in Paris in they were 80 euro each. The box cost me $5. (and their were 4 dinner plates in the set) But I have never scored as many lovely items as you have shown us. XX V.

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