Lavender and toile

Well, here’s my latest folly, which combines two of my great loves–lavender and toile de jouy.  I had a big stash of lavender buds from last year’s harvest, so I stitched together some sachets from antique toile patterns printed on cotton, tied pairs of them with dyed seam binding, and added a wax stamp featuring a french coat of arms. These were such fun to make! And the aroma of Provence is really welcome about now…

2014-02-03 00.25.032014-02-03 00.27.51

Oh, and we went with some friends last week to Verdi’s MacBeth at the Minnesota Opera. Wow! World-class voices and an awesome production. Loved every minute. Of course, it was -10 degrees and very messy driving–but so worth it. The park across from the opera house was festooned with a million gorgeous little lights and featured an ice sculpture competition. (Too cold for viewing, alas.)


This terrible cold isn’t supposed to break until mid-February. Time for a trip to the library…


3 thoughts on “Lavender and toile

  1. WOW! They’re all beautiful! Can you tell me more about the antique toile patterns printed on cotton? Did you print it? Is it available in fabric stores? If so, do you know the company and/or pattern names? Be careful out in that horrendous winter weather.

  2. Thanks! These are antique toiles, typically from the 1800s, but a lot of other modern-day toiles (just as beautiful) are available in today’s fabric stores. (Sorry, I don’t know any of the specific patterns’ names.)

  3. You had me at lavender, then toile, and finally OPERA. My paws and whiskers Gayle three big loves of mine. When I want a good cry I put me CD of Madame Butterfly or perhaps Rigoletto or mebbe La Boheme. Oh dear it would seem most operas make me shed a few tears .. but then I have lavender and toile to make me happy. XX Virginia

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