Staying indoors

Sorry I’ve been slow at posting. Lots of home repairs going on from the last polar vortex and now we’re in a second polar vortex. Yikes…

But I’ve been using this indoor time to catch up on some projects and start new ones. When cold weather hits, my thoughts turn not only to making soup but also needlework. I stumbled on three new skeins of Icelandic worsted wool at the thrift store (worth $15 per skein, got it all for $6!), which inspired me to start knitting something. I haven’t picked up needles in more than a decade, and I picked an advanced cable pattern scarf from Ravelry to start with (should have started with something simpler)–so there was a full week of knitting and tearing out before I caught on and mastered this pattern. But I love the knobbly way it’s turning out–just like in the pattern photo. A matching hat is next.

2014-01-27 00.45.22

When it gets this white outside I need some green. So, I’ve forced some hyacinths and grape hyacinths this year. They make a nice little garden in front of the bedroom window. I’ve got about 10 more hyacinths scattered around. They are working out well this year.

2014-01-20 00.20.29

I also tried a new galette recipe–dead simple–and we wolfed it down. Major yum.

2014-01-17 06.54.28

And whenever the weather lets up for a bit, I am thrilled to get out for a walk. We now live in a suburb that was a town settled in the mid-1800’s. In our neighborhood, there are two old churches from the 1880s that I just love.  They have graveyards around them, which I find comforting. Maybe because it reminds me of England. Here’s one.

2014-01-11 14.21.00

(As it’s 13 below wind chill today–I won’t be going out for a stroll.) Hope it’s warmer where you are!


One thought on “Staying indoors

  1. Gayle I am pea green with envy to see your gorgeous knitting. You and I do the same thing when the weather turns nasty and we are almost held prisoner in our home. As they say ” when life hands you a lemon” … make pizza. Have Fun!! Virginia

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