The pipes, the pipes are calling

Polar vortex indeed! Minus 50 degrees for two nights have wreaked havoc. Two burst pipes, frozen drains, no water, no heat, an endless stream of repair people for three days and much more to come. Luckily (everything is relative!) the damage is confined so far to a lower level porch, but the entire ceiling is going to have to be torn out, reinsulated, and rebuilt after all the pipe repairs.

And it was such a lovely Christmas and New Years! But then what a rough slap from 2014. All the repair men say they’ve been working for days nonstop because this same scenario is taking place all over the Twin Cities.

Needless to say, the last thing on my mind is doing crafts. I will say that the day before this happened I finished the sun room slipcovers with a tinge of disappointment. I ran out of fabric when I got to the chair cushions and raced back  to the store where I bought the original linen two months ago to see if by any chance they still had some. They did, but it was the end of a different bolt and the color is just the tiniest tiniest bit bluer. I bought it, washed it, and finished the cushions. The color looked so similar under the lights I was working with. But when I got the chair cushions out to the sun room, I could tell the difference between the ottoman and the chair cushions. Ugh.

2014-01-07 22.40.55

2014-01-07 22.40.48

I’m trying to embrace imperfection, but after all those hours of work, and as well as they turned out–the joy of finishing them has been tarnished. I’m hoping a matching blue ticking pillow will help mask the difference and that over time, it will fade from the sun a bit. Ah well, my only other option was covering them with white and my husband is already very tired of all the light colors that he has to watch not to spill  on or stain in a hundred other ways. (men…)

So, we go on despite life’s slings and arrows. They are really pretty minor compared to what many other people are dealing with. I read about the flooding in the UK, and the horrible weather all over the Midwest and East Coast and southern Canada–I guess we are all reaping what we’ve sown with climate change. Let’s hope for an early spring (without flooding or drought). I’m hoping all the things we planted last fall made it through this–especially the lavender. I have so many plans for sachets!

Meanwhile, grab that fleece!!!


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