Cushion covers x infinity

I sometimes wonder whether I will finish all the cushion covers I have to make in this lifetime. They just go on and on. But here’s a little progress report. I still have miles to go before I sleep!

The first ones I tackled were the side cushions for the upstairs fireplace. They came with the house and were (yuk) dark green corduroy. I wanted something to lighten up the room at that end so I covered them with painter’s tarp–kind of lineny and worked very well. Here’s the before and after.2013-10-20 11.36.43

2013-12-18 04.56.06

Then I started the rattan set. Here’s a photo of the original Craig’s List brown rattan set with green floral cushions, then a photo from when I was in the midst of painting it white…

2013-07-07 11.02.51

2013-09-11 20.09.48

2013-12-18 00.16.41

And here are the first two bottom slipcovers I’ve finished. These are the hardest, creating velcro closures and all the piping. (I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough blue linen to do all the piping so I used some similar white linen I had on hand from years ago. A happy accident, because the white piping looks so much better!)

I’m hoping the top cushions will go faster. Then I have the chair and ottoman to do. But I’m liking the overall effect. You can hardly go wrong with linen. It’s heavy but it feels so good to work with. Just what I had in mind. I want this sun room to be simple, cool, and Gustavian, in white and very light grey-blue. This is where I’m going to feature a few of my prized seashells, too.

Once I get the rest of these done, I’ll start on little round white linen cushions for the bentwood chairs that go with the round dining table I bought on Craig’s list for this room. I’m painting the chairs the color blue of the linen. High hopes!

Oh and some more exciting wildlife news–this morning I looked out and there sitting on a high branch of our ancient Cottonwood tree was an enormous grey owl. It stuck out like a sore thumb against the bare branches and snow, and I could hardly believe how big it was. I grabbed the binoculars and took a good long look. Just fascinating. Hope he comes around again.


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