By far, the most beautiful ornaments in my house right now are two Amaryllis in bloom. With all the white outside, these Red Lions’ roar is truly welcome! You can also glimpse the new addition to the wicker chair–a sheepskin. I couldn’t resist one at Ikea!

2013-12-16 22.45.572013-12-16 22.46.27

I’ve also made a couple of ornaments for friends this year. Bits and bobs I pulled together from my crafts grab bag. Hope you’re able to make some of your gifts this year. It’s one of the best parts of the season!

2013-12-13 23.58.172013-12-13 23.58.26

I’m still slaving away on those cushion covers, but you’ll get a glimpse soon. Can’t believe how many miles of piping I’ve had to make, but they look just like I wanted them to–so I guess it’s worth it.


2 thoughts on “Ornaments

  1. More info about the beautiful ornaments, please. Approximately how large is the finished product? What did you use for the base (that creates the sparkly spokes)? I know your friends were overjoyed at receiving them and will display them with honor. Merry Christmas!

    • Sure! The glittered starbursts that formed the foundation were from the dollar store a couple of years ago. I pleated and glittered crepe paper for the first rosette layer, then added two more layers–the top layer is a vintage angel printed on aged paper, and the layer beneath is a little larger piece cut from an old book in the same shape as the angel. I added a few feathers and three satin rosettes, then added the banner printed on aged paper. Thanks for your interest. Pinterest is loaded with ideas like this, and the angel images are on my Vintage Scrap and/or Christmas pin boards. Good luck!

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