Christmas touches and SNOW!

What a difference a day makes. Here’s what’s happening outside right now–a full-fledged blizzard. But so beautiful I had to take a long walk.

2013-12-02 05.31.01

I’m slowly getting some holiday decor up, much much less than the old days. Going more for the lean red/white Scandinavian holidays this year. I did go crazy and put all our white lights up in the sunroom just to cheer us up during the dark days of winter. I may have gone a little overboard, it looks a little like the Blackpool Illuminations!

Here are a few shots of the decorations.

2013-11-30 02.10.36Thrift store silver bowl and candles, TJ Maxx clearance cloche, dollar store moss, and vintage sheep, berry bobeches, and tiny red mushrooms.

2013-11-30 02.10.12Thrift store everything.

2013-11-30 02.09.25Estate sale straw goat ($1!!!) and thrift store twig reindeer to which I added a Norwegian ribbon.

2013-12-02 05.29.40Dante is a family inheritance, but the silverplate tray is thriftstore, and the Scandinavian candles were 90% off at Tuesday Morning last year.

2013-12-02 05.29.56What’s left of my long-time beaded pomegranate collection, thrifted silverplate, lamp, and beaded strawberries.

2013-12-02 05.31.56Thrifted pots (the amaryllis are going great guns this year!), basket, garlands, and silvery bird candles.

2013-12-02 05.31.38Egad, crooked wreaths! I’ll get right on it…


One thought on “Christmas touches and SNOW!

  1. Your Scandinavian Christmas decorations are absolutely splendid. Love looking at your snow,. Winter here is green green green everything lush after the rains. But I can look north to the Coastal mountains and they are beautiful with snow. The closest ones are very close. Just a quick drive and you are in snow. XX Virginia

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