A visit from Mr. Todd

Yesterday afternoon I was looking out the window at my husband skating on the frozen lake (a beautiful site, he says it’s like flying) and lo and behold I noticed some movement at the shoreline in front of our house. It was one of the foxes who dwell among us. Sharp of tooth but so sweet looking! I’m reminded of Mr. Todd the Foxy Whiskered Gentleman from Beatrix Potter stories.

2013-11-30 03.45.54

Anyway, back to even craftier topics! I’ve been sedulously finishing up my first two piped, box cushion covers for either side of the fireplace and they’ve turned out well. I was all ready to buy some expensive cream-colored cotton damask for them when it occurred to me that wouldn’t look as good as–yes, wait for it—painters tarp!! The damask would have been too fussy for tailored cushions on a stone fireplace–not to mention how soiled they probably would have become. So, I bought another tarp for $10 and it worked out great–like it nearly always does. And so darn frugal! Photos to come.

The real news is the saintly relics I’ve just finished. I’ve collected these thrift stores frames over the past few months but had no opportunity to make them until we got settled. So, here they are, a few of Mary

2013-11-28 03.08.33

2013-11-28 03.08.572013-11-28 03.08.122013-11-28 03.07.442013-11-28 03.07.00

and St. Agnes and St. Michael.

2013-11-28 03.06.362013-11-28 03.07.24

I’m relic’ed out right now, but I’ve got a couple more frames for future saints. I think I may sell these through my Etsy shop.




6 thoughts on “A visit from Mr. Todd

  1. Isn’t it wonderful to have such foxy neighbors? I’ve seen fox, turtles and deer in my yard. I love it!

    I also love your relics! Do you print the backgrounds? If so, how? Just fabulous. I know they’ll be an instant hit if you decide to sell them in your Etsy shop.

    • Yes, I print them on rough painter’s tarp or canvas using my ink jet printer. I found lots of instructions on how to do that on pinterest–so just search there. It;s pretty simple. You have to buy full-size, adhesive backed labels to attach the fabric to, then trim and use fray stop on the edges to avoid damage to your printer (use an old printer to try this out). It opens a whole world of printable projects!

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