Styling with silver

If you’ve followed this blog you know I love silver and silverplate, and have acquired quite a stash over the years. While a lot of it has been in storage because there was no extra display space in our old house, it’s now coming into its own in the new house. I’ve scattered it all over, as a room brightener and a unifier. It may seem incongruous with a rustic all-wood lake house, but I’m really liking the results. Here are a few examples.

2013-11-24 02.53.24This is the mantel in our living room, with a mix of sterling and silverplate (and some thrifted mercury glass thrown in)–some of these are old monogrammed pieces from my husband’s family. (I’ve asked my step-sons to supply me with new family photos for the frames on each end. They should arrive sometime in 2015.)

2013-11-24 02.54.23This is a side table in the living room with a Restoration Hardware silverplate vase (thrift shop find) sitting on a pierced silver platter.

2013-11-24 02.54.45An old silver letterbox from my husband’s great grandfather. I love this piece!

2013-11-24 02.55.18Now we’re in the bedroom, where I’m using collected silverplate frames with a pitcher and cup.

2013-11-14 04.45.53Also in the bedroom, some book page roses I made last year look nice with the silverplate tray, candlestick, jewelry box, pitcher, and two gorgeous little silverplated Christmas ornaments–all thrifted except the jewelry box.

BTW–Thrift stores have caught on to our lust for silverplate, so shop carefully for extraordinary pieces and don’t overpay. Remember, these are not pieces you can resell for big bucks–they have no real value like sterling silver does. But you can still find some real gems and grouped together, they create quite an old world luxury effect.


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