The Small Kitchen

Yes, there were a few sacrifices made in the purchase of this house. We love the lake, trees, space, quiet, wood interior, stone fireplaces, etc.–but I didn’t get the giant kitchen I’ve always wanted. Sigh…

We cook a lot so I was hoping for a super-sized area with a big working island and lots of display space, but we’re adjusting. At least it’s a decent kitchen. We got a new gas stove so that helped, and I’ve been adding my ceramics to it to give it a little personality. Here’s one wall. I painted the formerly white pot rack–gotta love that oil rubbed bronze spray paint! (I carried those two large plates home on the plane from Turkey and Portugal. They sat on my lap! I’m nothing if not determined.)

2013-11-12 05.40.38

And this is an adjacent wall that I installed three shelves on to hold my collection–which just got a little bigger thanks to the Quimper haul. The shelves and brackets are from Ikea, I just stained them to match the wall. I like the way it turned out.

2013-11-12 05.40.27

This is a wall across from the u-shaped counter–I had one of my needlepoints framed to  hang here. At last, a place for it.

2013-11-08 07.18.14

I just finished three new reliquaries–so photos are on the way. I’m getting back into the saddle making stuff–feels good.


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