Quimper Haul

2013-11-15 05.24.48

Because the weather was so fantastic today–52 in mid-November for Minnesota is reason to celebrate–I decided to go to a nearby estate sale of  collectors. Specifically, I went to buy a small Dala horse (they had a huge collection of Norwegian rosemaling) but it was already gone. However, I hit a stash of Quimper ware that I almost couldn’t believe–maybe 40 pieces! All signed and dirt cheap!! I have a couple of Quimper bowls, but I’ve not been able to afford any more pieces. So, I bought a couple of plates, candlesticks, and a great little sugar bowl and went home VERY happy. I think I may have to steal back on Sunday to see what’s left at half-price.

2013-11-16 05.56.16

Next day–I kept thinking about these two Quimper dishes I saw yesterday so I scooted out and got them today at 20% off. So glad I snagged them…love!


3 thoughts on “Quimper Haul

  1. So envious of your lovely Quimper pieces. My kitchen plans were to use those colors, I only got as far as the dining room linens and seat cushions. 13 years later, we still haven’t removed the wall of wallpaper that is hanging in my way. I’ve had to settle for my collection of all white pitchers for now.

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