Headboard Tufting 101

I’m done! We got the new tufted headboard installed yesterday and I love it. I made it from pegboard based on these instructions.  Two hints–don’t start right at the top or right near the edges with the tufts, and use large buttons to tie off the tufts in back–not staples. Much simpler. To get the right amount of tufts, look at photos of tufted headboards in the size of your bed. Pick the best looking one and use it as a guide.

We also added a wooden frame to it and legs, which are screwed into the wall. Very sturdy. All in all, this probably cost–including the linen to cover it–about $60 for a king sized bed. Wahoo! (The thrifty large Paris map I made is now hanging over it.)

Here it is in progress and in place.

2013-11-10 03.52.13

2013-11-10 03.52.00

2013-11-10 06.55.52

2013-11-14 04.45.35


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