And along we roll…

We’re closing on the new house on Monday, so our brief respite from lifting and carting will be over. Ah well, one step closer to a “normal” life again. Last week I began buying some plants I know I want, a lavender clematis, pink climbing rose, and five Hidcote lavenders. Things are starting to be on sale now, so that made it even more fun! Now I have to get all my gardening gear from the locker!

I must say life in this apartment is good–great fitness center, spa-like pool, tennis courts, lakes, walking and bike paths–and we’re making use of all of them. After four months of eating (too much) for comfort from the stress of selling/renting/buying and having not much time to exercise, I’m determined to get back in shape here! So far, so good.

Even though I’ve really cut down on thrifting (there IS such a thing as too much stuff), I went last week and found some goodies, shown here. My Eiffel tower collection is now complete! Hope you are all enjoying summer–it sure took a long time to get here this year!

eiffel 001


2 thoughts on “And along we roll…

  1. I’m glad things are rolling along. Your shopping sounds fun – both the plants and the thrifting. I love the mirror! As I live in Florida, I can’t agree about summer taking too long to get here – lol. Enjoy it while it’s there.

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