3 transfer projects

I’ve had these pieces sitting around for a while, and wanted to get them done before we move next week.

The first one is a large wooden domed box I found at a thrift store. Here’s the before shot.

trunk 001

And here’s the after. This was my first experiment with Hirshfield’s Cottage Paint–inside and outside. I liked it!

box 003box 004

The second project was a dark tan vintage leather train case I found at a garage sale last summer. I don’t have a before, but here’s how it turned out. I’m going to use this to transport and display my jewelry at sales.

suitcase 007

And last, some little dark mahogany wood shelves I got at a thrift store to use as a jewelry and craft display. Here’s the final product.

suitcase 009

Do I love white or what? I’m stubbornly determined to have a white Gustavian craft area in the new house. I’ll keep you posted as it evolves over time.



3 thoughts on “3 transfer projects

  1. Your work is exquisite, Gayle. I love, love , love everything you’ve done. The writing on the step stool …. the all-white suitcase – the trunk – you are absolutely brilliant. Very professional looking. XX Virginia

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