A Royal Affair


Another quick film recommendation–a Danish film nominated for the Academy Awards last year–A Royal Affair. If you love good drama wrapped in true history, this is a fantastic film. It traces the beginning of the age of Enlightenment (and it’s demise and rebirth) in Denmark in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. There are motifs that seem very familiar if you know the story of King Gustav of Sweden and his early enlightened policies, which were also reversed rather quickly as revolutionary acts in France and the US threatened other European monarchies.

Besides a fascinating story and wonderful acting, one highlight was the discovery of Mads Mikkelson–the fellow who now (unfortunately) plays Hannibal Lector on the new TV series. He’s got one of those faces/presences, like Vigo Mortenson’s, that easily inhabits both realms–evil and good–and everything in between. Very malleable and complex. The whole film is just so well executed. It deserved all the praise it received.

You can probably tell I’m watching a lot of films to escape the stress of moving!


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