The Big Sale…DONE!

Sorry for the lapse in posts! We’re scurrying around to accomplish a move by early June…and it’s been complete chaos. One more step toward liberation was taken  last weekend, when we had our big moving sale. It was exhausting, but we killed it! Sooooo glad it’s over. Here are some pics before folks started arriving.

salefinal 001 salefinal 002salefinal 004salefinal 006

I feel 10 tons lighter!

Because we haven’t found the house of our next dreams yet, we’re moving to an apartment in the interim–which means I won’t have many of my crafting supplies with me for the next few months. So, sadly my posts are going to be less frequent. But the good news is, I’m bringing my jewelry making supplies with me to the apartment, so that activity will probably kick into gear in July. I have a million ideas…so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I will keep posting on pinterest as usual.


4 thoughts on “The Big Sale…DONE!

  1. I looked at hundreds of homes from February until September this past year before I found my perfect home. I hope your hunt is faster but the outcome is just as wonderful. I’ll miss your posts in the meantime…

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