Junk Bonanza

Just as the last snowstorm’s remains had subsided a bit this week (not that it’s been warmer than 35 degrees)–we’re hit with another one today. But, Norwegian junk hounds are pretty sturdy, so I drove a LONG way this morning to get to the Twin Cities Junk Bonanza at the racetrack. I’m new to this three day event twice a year, but scores of others weren’t. The parking lot was all but filled by the time I got there and the place was jammed. This despite sleet, slush, snow, and really dangerous driving. Inside were 141 creative stalls of folks like me, who magnetize interesting old objects others might refer to as junk. But from the crowds, junk is becoming more and more sought after. It was great fun, and I probably would have stayed longer and bought more if the weather hadn’t been so awful.

I didn’t get very much–(There’s nothing like packing up all your belongings for a move to make you aware of the folly of buying more)–an old tin float, some flat keys, a broken rosary, and two quarts of chalk paint that was on special out there. I’ve been wanting to get some but you have to drive 50 miles to distant suburban centers to buy it in the Twin Cities. So, we’ll see how this goes.

Anyway, here are some shots I took, Enjoy! (The final shot is the thread cabinet that was sold before I got there–I would have pounced on that for sure!)

junkbonanza 012

junkbonanza 013

junkbonanza 014

junkbonanza 016

junkbonanza 017

junkbonanza 018


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