The textile garage sale!!!

Every year, I volunteer as a sorter and pricer at the local textile garage sale–a gi-normous event held in a warehouse filled to the brim with acres of fabric, mountains of yarn, every imaginable tool related to needlework and textiles (including a vintage thread cabinet for $20 that someone bought before I even saw it!); a swimming-pool size collection of notions that range from beads, ribbon, trim, buttons, lace to shoulder pads and sewing baskets. All these things are donated by creative women in the Twin Cities who want to support the textile arts. Then volunteers like me help organize it. It’s so much fun I should pay them to participate. One of the perks is that you can look over the wonderland of items and purchase before the hoards arrive for the actual sale.

I’m delighted with the things I found and bought this year. Here are some of them!

sale 001

I couldn’t believe the big bag of white/pearl buttons I found for $1…and the four spools of vintage SILK ribbon, the pale cream satin and coral satin ribbon, a huge bag of vintage lace, lots of vintage wooden spools, three vintage wooden bobbins, a sample wreath of cotton tassels in gorgeous colors, an array of toile de jouy samples, and pale blue and red ticking.

sale 002

Really I could have bought three times this much and not so much as made a noticeable dent in the inventory. When I volunteered last evening, the stacks were already higher than me–and they had more donations all day today with more sorters and pricers scurrying around trying to keep up. Quilters, needleworkers, sewers, knitters, weavers…the whole spectrum of friendly textile folk. I LOVE this event!

sale 004

Now all I need is a new house to display all this stuff! We’re working on it….


4 thoughts on “The textile garage sale!!!

  1. Oh, my word! I am SO JEALOUS! Your finds are incredible. The textile garage sale sounds like a little piece of heaven here on earth.

  2. My husband called me at 7 pm (I was already an hour past when I said I’d stop sorting/pricing and be home for dinner) or I’d probably still be there right now. It’s like the old curiosity shop and goes on for miles. I was restrained this year because I’ve been sobered by all the packing I’m doing right now. But, ah…next year!

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