New to old

Here are two projects I’ve been working on for a week.

Recently, I found a very shiny silverplated frame without glass (of course, I had a piece of glass just the right size in the basement–I am my own store) for $1.

cupsebay 012

I didn’t like it much because it was too new looking, so I worked on it with gesso, acrylic paint, and dark wax and used it to frame a inkjet print of Marie Antoinette on a piece of painter’s tarp that I’d done a while ago.

I also found a silverplated base (not sure what it was the base of, but it was alone on the thrift store shelf for $1), to which I added some metal stampings from my jewelry findings collection to make a crown.

sale1 021

I worked on it with gesso, paint, wax, etc. Here are the results!

crown 006


3 thoughts on “New to old

  1. Oh my, I have a similar shiney new silver plated frame that is brand new and I was going to donate it. Hm….now I might hold on to it and do what you did. Would you please please share the techniques/products you used on the frame? Hope you don’t mind. I am not a seller or anything, just want to do it for my personal use, thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks for the kind words. I used two coats of white gesso on the frame first, then I added some greyish acrylic paint into the crevices, and finished it off with dark wax to seal it. You apply the wax and then wipe it off gently but it stays in the recessed areas. Good luck!

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