The soft side of bottles

I know I promised you labeled vintage bottles, but I went off on a tangent today and produced a series of soft bottles—little fabric print outs of old perfume bottles made into lavender sachets. I saw this idea on the Graphics Fairy a couple of months ago and just had to try it myself. She offers most of these images on her site.

They are sweet! I can envision them nestled together in a little basket.

In progress:

bottle sachets

And finished.

bottles 005

Tomorrow–thrifting with a friend and tying to get those other bottles photographed. Also working on another saint homage and a Jane Austen paper theater.

An aside, I am so grateful my mother taught me how to sew! (not to mention embroider, needlepoint, garden, etc.)


9 thoughts on “The soft side of bottles

  1. I always try to like your posts but for some reason it never works. At any rate, I LOVE these sachets! What a wonderful idea for birthday and Christmas gifts. Do you grow your own lavender or purchase it somewhere? (I believe it’s too hot in Florida, where I live, to grow lavender.) On what type of fabric did you print these?

    I can hardly wait to see your thrift finds, saint homage and paper theater. And yes, I thank my mother for all the things she taught me and inspired me to be. (She didn’t actually teach me to sew or do needlework but was the reason I wanted to learn.)

    • Yea, Kathy—it’s my own lavender–nurtured lovingly for 9 years through our terrible Minnesota winters! I just printed these on the white cotton transfer sheets you can buy at the craft store.

      • How wonderful. Lavender must be beautiful when growing. Once again, you’ve taught me something. I had no idea transfer sheets come in white cotton. I’ll have to look for them.

  2. I love the lavender bottle sachets. I live in the land of Lavender as I live down the road from Sequim, WA and it even has a lavender festival each year. I have lavender in the front flower bed and I love old labels. Great combination and so original.

    • Sequim is one of my favorite places in the US! All those lavender farms and sunshine. I keep swearing I will get to the lavender festival there someday. Lucky you, living in a climate that loves lavender!

  3. Another fabulous creation. You are brilliant. Lavender sachets beautifully packaged I fortunately have masses of lavender in my garden and you have given me a clever idea to package them for gifts for my friends. Have a successful thrift hunting day. Virginia.

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