Boucher and St. Anne

Yes, I’m at it again with the vintage frames!

A new homage to St. Anne, patron of mothers, in a smaller domed glass frame than the other two I’ve made. Once again, printed on painter’s tarp, hand beaded, a few vintage set rhinestones, and a vintage religious medal.  I also bronze and patina the thrift store frames. (You know, I practice Buddhism, but for some reason I have always loved saints.)

earrings 013

And these two lovelies, which I think may be from paintings by Boucher, in another bronzed/patinaed frame with one of those old daguerreotype embossed gold inserts. Very fond of this one.


I’ve been working on labeling some more vintage bottles–so that will be coming up soon.


One thought on “Boucher and St. Anne

  1. Buddhism is a big part of my life – but I still collect religious icons. You have done a beautiful job on yours. I am looking forward to your vintage bottles. Virginia

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