1829 Soiree

Ah yes, another one of these.  A little after Jane Austen’s time, but I like the way it turned out. Next on the paper theater assembly line, I’m going to try a black and white one, a true Jane Austen era scene, another outdoor one, and one with a Parisian background. BTW, these are so hard to photograph without getting reflections of light or even worse–of myself and my camera! Bear with me…

keys 009

Also, a nod to the incredible E.K. Duncan who tweaks backgrounds, curtains, and fashion plates from Ackermann’s Repository into lovely pieces we can all use in our crafting. She is such a generous source. I used some of her items for this paper theater, and a few of her fashion plates also show up in my past Baroque Opera and French Ballroom theaters. Her “My Fanciful Muse” website features a huge variety of paper dolls and toy theater findings, so check it out. She is really a kindred spirit to all paper theater addicts!


3 thoughts on “1829 Soiree

  1. Hey Violet – I love your “Theater Dioramas” and am glad you were able to use some of my EKDuncan images to create them.

    Great Job and Cheers – Evelyn of EKDuncan.com

  2. I am sure you realize by now that I spend a great deal of enjoyable time on your blogs. The work you do is nothing short of enchanting. I am always so happy when I go thither and yon and your posts. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Virginia

    • Thanks so much for the kind words Virgina. I always love to see what other artist create using images I post and since I’m a big fan of Toy Theaters, dioramas and other compositional scenes; I was especially thrilled to see your lovely creations. I’m glad I could play a small roll in your art and “My Muse” is happy to know her creations are being enjoyed and used.

      Happy Creating,
      Evelyn aka EKDuncan and “My Fanciful Muse”

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