Vitrine and pepper pots

I finished a couple of white ware transfer projects this week, and the redo of the little brown wooden display case shown in my last thrifting post. (I’m still painting the bottom of it, so that’s why the carpeting shows through. I haven’t installed it yet.) I think now that I’ve painted and distressed it antique white, it’s going to hold a little seashell sculpture that I have yet to make!  One of those Victorian ones…

crowns 025

The two pots feature pepper and spice transfers.

newjars 002

I went thifting today–gee, I’m already breaking my once a month vow. But I needed some little oval frames to try my hand at creating replicas of antique reliquaries. They won’t actually have relics in them—only vintage bits and bobs, antique text, and maybe some religious medals. Or I may go in a completely different direction and dedicate them to Marie A.! I’ll show you the original frames, and some great tea caddies I found, in tomorrow’s post. Oh, and I got two small paper theater frames—Jane Austen here I come!


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