Boxing Day (not really)

newboxes 001

I just finished two more thrift store boxes using gel medium and paper transfers that I got from that fantastic source–the Graphics Fairy. One features a French sign for a shop selling Bohemian crystal and Majolica/Faience ceramics (I put a little Faience tray transfer on top) and the other is a French label for violet candies, into which I superimposed a vintage image of a basket of violets. I painted each interior to coordinate–blue and violet. I can’t decide whether to distress these or not. I’ll have to think about it.

newboxes 006

While I was at it, I finished off another sweet little Marie A. frame (also from a thrift store), which was originally dark red wood with dark brass floral trim. I’m going to have to look for more of these little frames, they work out so well. I layered a few white and cream paints on the frame and distressed it a little, and gessoed the metal, added a bit of gilding, and gave it a spray finish.

newboxes 010

By the way, before I screwed the  floral garland metal bits back onto this frame, I made a mold of them so I can reproduce them in plaster or clay for use on other things. I’ve never made molds before, so I was very pleased with how simple it was. I ended up making a several of them! This is what the process looks like once you’ve kneaded the two different kinds of mold making clays together. They set in about 15 minutes, but still remain flexible and can be used over and over again. Next I’m making molds of all the little ornate knobs and doo-dads on my antique furniture. Fun!

newboxes 007


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