DIY: Santos crowns

My visions for transforming thrift store finds and other objects don’t work out 100% of the time. So, it’s fantastic when they do!

Here are three little Santos crowns I made out of the three fleur de lis votive candle holders from last week’s thrift store post. I just gave the little glasses inside each holder back to the thrift store and kept the metal stands.

crowns 023

Then I raided my vintage jewelry findings stash and whipped up three little santos crowns. It reminded me how much I want to get back to the jewelry making, but most of my supplies are in a storage locker right now so that will have to wait (if you want to see what my vintage statement jewelry looks like, here’s my Etsy selection).  They ended up looking just like I hoped they would. They’re decorated around the back, too–just not as gaudily. What do you think?

Now I just need to find a santos doll at some thrift store (never going to happen…)


4 thoughts on “DIY: Santos crowns

  1. They’re beautiful! What will you do with them until (if?) you find a Santos doll at a thrift store?

    Is there a link to your Etsy selection?

    • Kathy, Thanks so much for pointing out the missing link! I added it. I was thinking of packing them away in a box with the rest of the things that go to our storage locker, but they’re so “jewelry-like” that I may put one in my Etsy shop. (Sometimes I get attached to the things I make and it’s really hard to give them up…I think that’s what’s happened with these little crowns!)

      • Not a problem. I’m sorry I posted twice. Obviously, I didn’t know how to edit my comment and had forgotten to ask about the link.

        I can certainly understand how you get attached to your creations. I love everything you do and couldn’t give them up if they were mine.

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