Half-price thrift day

I’m trying to limit myself to one thrift run a month now, and only 50% off days. A challenge, but I have to rein it in! Anyway, President’s Day was a half-price day, so off my friend and I went. We didn’t meet with spectacular success, but it was OK. Here are some of the things I got…most of which you will be seeing again once they’re transformed. I Loved the little Italian oval frames and ornate vases–always such beautiful detail on Italian items. I have Marie A. plans for the little blue and silver frame, and Santos crown plans for the three fleur de lis votive holders on the left. Also, some white buttons, a sand dollar, and a white wooden rosary. The little display box held some real butterflies I had to discard..but I have plans for it too! Stay tuned.

unique 001

One fantastic buy was this large, unused, fully stocked picnic basket–with a built in wine bottle rack–for $5!!! Makes me long even more for summer…

unique 004


2 thoughts on “Half-price thrift day

  1. Ooh…once a month? I don’t think I could manage that. I might not buy stuff every time I go but I get withdrawals if I don’t at least have a look at a thrift shop every other week (or maybe twice a week…three times?). I’d love to go to the states just to check out the thrift stores there – I think I’ve exhausted ours here in Western Australia! 🙂

    • Australia, eh? That means you’re enjoying summer right now–lucky you! I’m suffering withdrawal pangs right now, so I know what you mean. You’re right when you say it’s just fun to look–like a huge curiosity shop. That’s the big attraction–and the opportunity to upcycle, recyle, and enjoy vintage stuff–which I love. So glad this is a worldwide trend! Good hunting, and thanks for visiting my blog.

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